Friday, October 12, 2012

Oober Ecstatic

Some months ago, while on I came across monthly subscription boxes. This was a great idea for many companies whether well known or just beginning. This allows customers and prospectors to be aware of their presence. You are given a box full of samples to try, you then in an exchange review it on your site(s) through video, text, or plain ole' word of mouth.

Now on to what this post is about. One of the subscription sites I found was Influenster ( company has a box named VoxBox. The boxes have a series of different items and brands depending on the theme.They offer free subscription boxes to a limited amount of people. To be eligible for a box you have to fill out a series of surveys about your everyday life and tasks along with providing other types of information. You will then possibly receive an email based on your answers if you are a runner for a box for that month. 

Well I was recently sent an email stating I could possibly receive a box. I filled out all the needed information. And BOOM! a few minutes ago I received another saying I WILL RECEIVE A BOX. I am so ecstatic this is my first VoxBox (influenster) ever! Also, this will be my first ever official review on a product. I am nervous but I am up for the challenge. I will be receiving my box in 5-10 business days. So be on the lookout for this review by the end of October early November. Duh, I have to try out the products first. 

Question for the day

Have you tried Influenster? What do you like and don't like about there subscription? and Why?  Are you interested in trying out this site?

Thank You and Have a Blessed Day xoxox 

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