Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mega Blogger Giveaway: Makeup Forever, Smashbox, Urban Decay, Youngblood, Covergirl Ends 1/31/2013

Mega Blogger Giveaway: Makeup Forever, Urban Decay, Smashbox, Covergirl & Youngblood
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About the Prizes

Smashbox Lip Enhancing Mega Gloss True Color in Petal Pink ($19)
Winner of Allure Magazine's Award for Best Lip Gloss! The formula is enriched with Vitamin E and Sunflower oil for lips that are not only soft and smooth but that are also radiating with gorgeous shine! This is a discontinued shade so you gotta enter this contest to get one of these before they're gone! 1 lucky winner!

Urban Decay Pocket Rocket - Dustin & Rashad ($19)
Sexy men in uniform on your lip gloss--What else could you want? With the flick of your wrist you can undress them too! (includes front and rear photos-- you're welcome!). Two readers get to undress Dustin (lumberjack) in a nude shade with iridescent shimmer and Rashad (doctor) in sheer pink!

And the gloss? It's flavored with a sweet creme brulee flavor and contains hyaluronic spheres which improve cell function, prevent dehydration and fill in lines and wrinkles. The brush applicator is ideal for blending.

Not satisfied with Rashad and/or Dustin? Want to lure a real man? Just give the tube a rub to release pheromones into the air! Undetectable by smell, the pheromones enhance mood and sexual attraction! Don't worry, the tube is flat enough to fit right in your pocket! We got you covered girl!

Urban Decay Travel-sized Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Original ($20)
The award-winning sheer nude eyeshadow primer base. Smooth it on--- eye shadow magically stays put, becomes more vibrant, and won't crease! 1 lucky doll!

Youngblood Mighty Shiny Lip Gel in Bared ($25.50)
Youngblood is an up and coming mineral cosmetics company. This gel gives your lips a high shine without being sticky. Infused with a light vanilla scent and antioxidants so your lips are always nourished and protected! Cruelty-free & paraben free!
Bared- sheer soft peach
Makeup Forever (MUFE) Aqua Eyes Holiday 2012 Collection ($36)
An amazing award-winning long-lasting, smudge-proof collection from the makeup company that the pros covet! Highly-pigmented and waterproof, these amazing liners are crease-proof and fade-proof! For a softer look you can smudge the liner within the first 60 seconds before the makeup sets.

Features 2 full-sized shades and 4 travel-sized shades of their most popular colors.

0.04-oz in 0L, matte black
0.04-oz in 2L, pearly brown
0.025-oz in 21L, dark gray
0.025-oz in 6L, black with purple highlights
0.025-oz in 12L, blue with green highlights
0.025-oz in 23L, champagne with green highlights

Covergirl blastflipsticks double-ended lip duos ($8.99 each)
You get 2 lipsticks in 1 blastflipstick! You can easily flip your look from day to night and soft to bold with blastflipstick's double-ended lip duos! One side is creamy, the other shimmery. Blend them or wear them alone; the looks are endless! Comes in 13 amazing combo duos: Whisper, Flashy, Tease, Snap, Intense, Pucker, Vixen, Cheeky, Smooch, Glimmer, Perky, Stunner and Minx. Retails for $8.99. Read the review from The Fight Between a Beauty & Food Junkie by clicking here!

We have two full-sized Covergirl blast flipsticks up for grabs! One of each shade shown below!
Stunner 840
Minx 855 

Lip Inspiration:

1. Apply creamy lip color to entire lip then apply shimmer color to center of lips or vice versa!
2. Wear them alone. They're beautiful shades by themselves.
3. Mix them and create your own personal shade like the celebrity makeup artists do.
4. Mod Colorblock. Apply one shade to the top and the other on the bottom.
5. If you're really daring, Line your lips with one shade, fill in with the other.
MAKEUP PRO TIP: To prolong lip color:  After applying first layer of lip color tap on a little loose powder to seal in your kiss and reapply. All done! 
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Friday, November 23, 2012

What is Influenster?

What is Influenster?

 Simple, it is a invitation only free monthly subscription site. It closes the gap between brands and potential consumers. As a consumer you are called a "Trendsetter". A trendsetter is someone who influences others.

Influenster is a social media online community that gathers "Tastemakers" and "Trendsetters" alike. You share your opinions and experiences with products. Active members receive exclusive deals, promotions, and swag,

But, in order to receive all these goodies you have to complete surveys and different tasks with videos, reviews, and other social media.

Remember, it is not guaranteed you will receive a box each month. These are based on scores of how active you are on the site.

You will receive a email when you qualify for a box. Each box is always different.

As a  Influenster member I have learned if you are a home body it will force you to jump out of your comfort zone.

I would like to add before I close this post. They recently have gone through a website overhaul. I like it a lot but I do still have a little trouble getting around on the site. It is very eye appealing though.


Influenster is pretty much a cool survey site with the potentials of testing out a product. And being the voice for consumers. Letting know brands what they like and dislike, what they should change and etc. Because businesses are always looking to improve their product and services.

Interested? Would you like to join? Leave me a comment here with your email. =]

All in all I totally like this opportunity. I have been looking for websites like this for centuries. And I will say this is the best one, although you don't receive money you receive products in exchange for your opinion.

New York Color IndividualEyes Custom Compact

Dark Shadows await you my lord. W/ Swatches.

Recently, I had received my first VoxBox from Influenster. One of the items was a limited edition eyeshadow from NYC New York Color. The all in one kit named Dark Shadows features 4 shades of slight metallic shimmer of grays, illuminator, and primer. It is a go-to all in one kit to make the perfect smokey eye. The retail cost is $4.99. This cosmetic company always offers you the latest cosmetics on trend at affordable prices that can be purchased at any drugstore and other local shops.

These are quite pigmented. And are pretty much true to color. When you add the primer and a base the colors are sure to pop!  The first bottom shade is not a true white but more of an offwhite with a hint of gray. The second color is a true silver. The third color is a very similar to the crayola gray but a little deeper. And top is a ashy charcoal. The primer is flesh colored and applies sorta whitish on the skin it barely disappears. The illuminator is just a creamier base of the first shade.

Below are swatches .

without primer.
with primer.
All in all. I really like this eyeshadow and will gladly spend $5 for it.

P.S. My apologies. This is my first review. They will get better as practice makes perfect! Also, im a beginner in the cosmetic industry.

Disclaimer: Product was received in compliments to Influenster and Brand for testing and review purposes. Thank You! All reviews and opinions are of my honest opinion.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The 7 seconds of Death

Okay, The title can be a little scary but it is not as frightening as you may think. Did you just noticed what your brain measured within a few seconds of reading the title? Well that is exactly what this post is about First Impressions. What did I think of the first Influenster ( VoxBox I recieved.

When I first look at the box. I felt bummed and questioned "Why is it so small?, Why is it so plain? But, you can never judge a book by its cover. And then I secondly, thought "I like this box a lot it is ecofriendly." Everything fit into the box perfectly. No wasted space and I can reuse this box when I want to send off something as well. And once I seen all the stuff I got, the design didn't bother me anymore.

In this box I received 7 items. I felt it was a good amount of samples/full size items received for FREE. Yes, for free all I had to do was fill out surveys about my life. In the photo above you see a card. The informational card gives you information about the products including: price and product usage.

I received:

1. NYC New York Color® IndividualEyes Custom Compact;  Valued at $4.99
2. Kiss® Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit; Valued at 5.99
3. Bath and Body Works®; Valued at Mini Candles $3.50
4. EBOOST®; Valued at $28 for a box of 20 effervescent powders, $39 for box of 30 effervescent powders, $39 for box of 12 shots
5. Goody® Simple Styles Spin Pin; Valued at $7.29
6. Not Your Mother's® Smooth Moves™ Frizz Control Hair Cream; Valued at $6.00 for a full sized 4-oz bottle
7. A surprise for me and you! 
8. I wasn't eligible for the bonus item *sad face*. Which was either a Vitabath® Fragrance Mist or Boots No. 7 Beautiful Skin.

I immediately became nervous when I seen the Goodys® Spin Pins. As I have natural kinky hair. I have my doubts about this product as I am concerned whether I will get knots in my hair from using this product. I have viewed a few videos on young women using the spin pins with their natural hair. But, it could possibly work differently for me. So all I can do is cross my fingers and hope for the best, lol. 

Personally, I am not to fond of eyelashes. I always struggle putting them on. But, once in awhile I will take the time to add to the lashes I already have. I am really excited with trying these out, they aren't the usual thin and sparse lashes I am used to. 

Here you see NYC New York Color® IndividualEyes. It is the perfect shimmer smokey eye for a night out with the girls or a special someone. It totally screams a eye makeup tutorial, beware I am a beginner. In this palette you receive a primer, illuminator, highlighter, lid, and 2 contour shadows. Not Your Mothers® Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream will help me create the perfect braid or twist-out, it will keep my hair nice and smooth and maybe even with flat-ironed hair.

Lastly, I received the most intoxicating aroma of the best part of fall, PIE! Bath and Body Works® has a series of mini candles. The scent I received is called Nutmeg and Spice, it reminds me of all my favorite pies and all the spices that go into them to make the invigorating smell. I also was given a discount code to share with all my friends once I make a purchase.

Eboost® is a nutritional energy powder. It contains a daily dosage of vitamins, minerals, and super-nutrients to boost your energy and immune system. It also doesn't contain sugars, or artificial flavors.

With all these items I can create the perfect evening look as well as keep me on the dance floor all night long and energized. I am glad that I was able to partake in this box. Within a week or two I will update you guys on my feelings about these products.

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for free for a quality test trial to review by Influenster.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Oober Ecstatic

Some months ago, while on I came across monthly subscription boxes. This was a great idea for many companies whether well known or just beginning. This allows customers and prospectors to be aware of their presence. You are given a box full of samples to try, you then in an exchange review it on your site(s) through video, text, or plain ole' word of mouth.

Now on to what this post is about. One of the subscription sites I found was Influenster ( company has a box named VoxBox. The boxes have a series of different items and brands depending on the theme.They offer free subscription boxes to a limited amount of people. To be eligible for a box you have to fill out a series of surveys about your everyday life and tasks along with providing other types of information. You will then possibly receive an email based on your answers if you are a runner for a box for that month. 

Well I was recently sent an email stating I could possibly receive a box. I filled out all the needed information. And BOOM! a few minutes ago I received another saying I WILL RECEIVE A BOX. I am so ecstatic this is my first VoxBox (influenster) ever! Also, this will be my first ever official review on a product. I am nervous but I am up for the challenge. I will be receiving my box in 5-10 business days. So be on the lookout for this review by the end of October early November. Duh, I have to try out the products first. 

Question for the day

Have you tried Influenster? What do you like and don't like about there subscription? and Why?  Are you interested in trying out this site?

Thank You and Have a Blessed Day xoxox