Friday, November 23, 2012

What is Influenster?

What is Influenster?

 Simple, it is a invitation only free monthly subscription site. It closes the gap between brands and potential consumers. As a consumer you are called a "Trendsetter". A trendsetter is someone who influences others.

Influenster is a social media online community that gathers "Tastemakers" and "Trendsetters" alike. You share your opinions and experiences with products. Active members receive exclusive deals, promotions, and swag,

But, in order to receive all these goodies you have to complete surveys and different tasks with videos, reviews, and other social media.

Remember, it is not guaranteed you will receive a box each month. These are based on scores of how active you are on the site.

You will receive a email when you qualify for a box. Each box is always different.

As a  Influenster member I have learned if you are a home body it will force you to jump out of your comfort zone.

I would like to add before I close this post. They recently have gone through a website overhaul. I like it a lot but I do still have a little trouble getting around on the site. It is very eye appealing though.


Influenster is pretty much a cool survey site with the potentials of testing out a product. And being the voice for consumers. Letting know brands what they like and dislike, what they should change and etc. Because businesses are always looking to improve their product and services.

Interested? Would you like to join? Leave me a comment here with your email. =]

All in all I totally like this opportunity. I have been looking for websites like this for centuries. And I will say this is the best one, although you don't receive money you receive products in exchange for your opinion.

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